We are excited that you have chosen Hill College to further your educational goals.  Hill College utilizes the Texas Common Application for admissions. This process is a two-step process that requires a profile and then the actual completion of the application. You can learn more about the Admissions process on our Admissions website.

New & Transfer Students

We are excited that you have chosen Hill College to further your educational goals. Listed below are the steps to complete.  If you have questions about the process, please contact admissions@hillcollege.edu.

  1. Submit Apply Texas Application.
  2. Submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  3. Request and submit official transcripts (high school, prior college or university, military).
  4. Submit test scores.
  5. If under 22 years old, provide proof of Meningitis shot or waiver form.
  6. Meet with advisor to discuss academic pathways and options.
  7. Review the schedule of classes.
  8. To register for classes, log into MyHC.  Click on the Students tab.  Then click on Student Registration on the Students page.
  9. Apply for Financial Aid
  10. Pay for classes.
  11. Attend and complete classes each semester.
  12. Successfully pass all classes required for certificate or degree.

Dual Credit Students

High School students have the option of enrolling in Dual Credit classes.  Dual credit is a process by which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school.

Dual credit students need to complete the preregistration process including the following steps.  If you have any questions about the process, please contact dualcredit@hillcollege.edu.

  1. Apply for Admission to Hill College at Apply Texas
  2. Submit High School Transcript
  3. Complete the TSI Assessment
  4. Complete the Dual Credit Permission Form.

Apply today for Summer and Fall 2024!

Summer 11-Week Session
May 20, 2024 - August 1, 2024
Summer I 5-Week Session
June 3, 2024 - July 3, 2024
Summer II 5-Week Session
July 8, 2024 - August 8, 2024
Fall 16-week term
August 26, 2024 - December 12, 2024
Fall 1st 8-week session
August 26, 2024 - October 17, 2024
Fall 2nd 8-week session
October 21, 2024 - December 12, 2024
December-Mini session
December 16, 2024 - January 3, 2025